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Memphis is the major city of the state of Tennessee with a population estimated with 655,155. It’s the largest city of Mississippi River and comes in the 20th position of United States’ largest cities. A Memphis resident is called a Memphian.

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The first settlement at San Antonio started with the expedition of Martin Alarcon by early 1700s; in the frame of Spanish seek to dominate over Texas from Louisiana. After the visit of San Antonio River in 1709, Father Antonio de Oliveras was keen to find a settlement there.

In late 1716, the viceroy approved for halfway mission and presidio, and Martin Alarcon was assigned to establish them. And due to differences between the two, Olivares and Alarcón, the establishment reported until 1718. After the Civil War in late 1860s, the city flourished to be a centre of cattle industry. As a frontier city, San Antonio is known for the mixture of cultures and gives it fame as exotic.

San Antonio is home to NBA champion San Antonio Spurs, and hosts different major sports events such as San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo which is one of the largest over U.S. Also, the city is home to many military bases and has a military presence. The city is home to the McNay Art Museum, the first museum of modern art in Texas.

The city’s economy is diversified with nearly billion GDP that gives San Antonio metropolitan the 4th position among Texas metropolitan areas. Today, San Antonio is home for American based call centers.

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